The Office of Financial Control (OFC) is primarily responsible for the management of financial and budgetary control systems for several NATO entities, primarily the NATO International Staff (IS) Civil Budget. As the custodian of member Nations’ funds, the OFC provides reliable and value adding financial and procurement services in support of front-line Divisions, enabling them to achieve their objectives. It works to comply with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and other best practices, including the management of enterprise risk.
Standards applicable to NATO in the finance and procurement domains are the NATO Financial Regulations, the NATO-IS Financial Rules and Procedures, the IPSAS, the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations (CPR), the NATO-IS Procurement Manual, and the NATO Code of Conduct.
The OFC is organised around four main functions: (1) Budget Execution and Reporting, (2) Treasury, (3) Procurement and (4) Internal Audit.
The Specialist, Category Management, under the supervision of the Head, Procurement, is responsible for the procurement activities related to a specific portfolio of goods and services. He/she performs the stated activities ensuring the required quality and standards as well as legal compliance and adherence to NATO’s financial and procurement regulations. The role of the Specialist, Category Management is to assist in developing and implementing enterprise-wide sourcing strategies that lead to higher levels of supplier quality and lower cost of ownership for products and services. The Specialist, Category Management supports the development of an enterprise-wide view and strategy of targeted categories by periodically conducting a spend analysis to track changing category spend volumes and characteristics, capturing and developing business requirements to enable best value, and managing sourcing and contract management processes to ensure the achievement of planned benefits.
The Specialist, Category Management acts for, or represents, the Head of Procurement, when required and has legal authority to enter into commercial agreements on behalf of the Organization within the limits specified in applicable regulations.
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